Grant Process



Please review the following FAQs prior to reaching out to our Program staff or starting your application as your questions might be answered there.


If not, please call or email us with your questions prior to submitting your grant application, especially if you are not sure if your request is a good fit.


Who is eligible for a grant from the Foundation?

The Foundation accepts online applications from nonprofit organizations that fit within our mission areas in the three states in which Carl and Marie Jo Anderson lived, worked and retired: New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Preference is given to nonprofits serving rural counties in all three states.  We are not funding organizations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and Houston area.


The Foundation makes grants to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. 

What types of grants does the Foundation provide?

The Foundation understands the various challenges that our nonprofit partners face and we try to offer as much flexibility in funding as possible. We provide both general operating support and restricted funds for specific programs. 


For existing grant partners with a history of programmatic support from the Foundation, we may fund capital campaigns for construction and renovation. We may also provide seed funding for new initiatives or pilot programs, although these are a low priority at this time.

Are there specific areas that the Foundation does not fund?

The Foundation does not provide funding for: endowments, research, grants to individuals or fundraising events. Challenge grants, however, may be used at fundraising events to raise more funds.


What is the range of grant awards?

Grants are typically in the $5,000 to $20,000 range. When applying online, please choose the correct application for your grant request: either the Small Grant Application for requests of $5,000 and below or the Grant Application for requests greater than $5,000. You may not apply for both.

When can I submit a grant?

The Foundation has no application deadlines. We review and decision applications every month. Applicants are typically notified of the decision two to four months after submission; however, depending on where we are in the grant cycle, it could take up to five months to review your request, present it to the Board and notify you on whether it has been approved or declined.

Where can I submit an application?

The Foundation has an open, rolling online application which you can access via our website. To preview the grant application without creating an account, please click here and then, from that page, click the “Preview” button to the left of the page.

Can my organization submit multiple requests in the same calendar year?

If your grant request is declined, please visit with the grant manager to assess whether it makes sense to apply at another time or for a different program. We don’t want you to waste your time continuing to apply if funding is unlikely. The Foundation will fund one grant to an organization within a 12-month period with some exceptions made for emergency assistance or capital projects for long-term grant partners. 

How long is the grant period and are grant reports required?

Most grants are awarded for a 12-month period. The award letter explicitly states the start and end date of the grant period.


The Foundation requires a short grant report at the end of the grant period, which can be accessed on the online grant portal. Automatic reminders for this report are sent via email.

We’ve experienced unexpected challenges during our grant period. Are grant extensions possible and/or can we reallocate the funds?

Please contact your grant manager as soon as possible, and we’ll explore options with you.

Our organization fits into more than one priority area. Is it beneficial to apply in one area over another?

No. The Foundation reviews all applications equally regardless of which priority area is selected; we do not allocate a budget to specific areas. If your organization has multiple projects that need support, we encourage you either to apply for a general operating grant – if the majority of your organization’s work fits one of our mission areas – or carefully select which program may be the best fit and need funding.

Can multiple organizations apply for a grant together?

Yes, we always encourage collaboration! Multiple organizations can choose to submit a joint application rather than applying individually. However, one organization will need to serve as the “lead” organization to fill out the application and receive the grant funds, if approved.

Are multiyear grants available?

Not at this time. Grants are awarded for a one-year period.

I understand that the Foundation offers Challenge Grants. Are these different than the grants offered through the rolling application?

No. Almost all approved grant requests are issued as challenge grants. Challenge grants can help you attract new donors or upgrade donations from current donors. Please reach out to your grant manager if you have questions or want to brainstorm ideas for how to raise the matching funds. Challenge grants may be used at fundraising events to raise more funds; however, do not list the Foundation as a sponsor or underwriter.

I have a fiscal sponsor. Can I still apply for a grant?

Absolutely! If you have a fiscal sponsor, you will need to coordinate filling out the application form with a representative from the sponsoring organization, but we welcome applications from organizations with fiscal sponsors.

We are a national organization located outside of Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. However, the program for which we’re seeking funding is in one of those states with local staff and clients. Are we eligible to apply?

Yes, but please contact a staff member first before applying.

I would like to make an appointment with Foundation staff. What is the best way to do this?

We especially encourage first time applicants to reach out to the appropriate staff member prior to submitting your application. We know how much time and effort can be spent on applications, so if funding is unlikely, we want to save you time. Please visit our staff page for contact information and to learn who would be your best contact.

Quarterly Open Forums

We know how important it is for foundations and nonprofit partners to have open and ongoing dialog throughout the year. And, we know that nonprofits also have many shared experiences and questions when it comes to applying for funding. As a result, we hold quarterly “Open Forums.”


These 60-minute virtual sessions serve as an opportunity for us at the Foundation to share more information about our funding priorities, trends that we may be noticing and/or any important updates to our funding process. It’s also an opportunity for nonprofits to ask questions, share feedback and learn from one another about their programs.


To register for our next open forum, click here.